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Draytek 2820

UTM, Unified Threat Management devices are specifically designed to sit at the perimeter of your network and protect against a range of threats including hackers, viruses, spam, and also prevent inappropriate internet activity etc.

Putting the right protection in place will ensure that you are as safe as you can be and maximise the benefit of your existing broadband or leased line by controlling how the bandwidth is used and improve staff productivity.


  • › Keep hackers out of your network
  • › Stop Trojans sending spam mail out of back doors
  • › Block Spam at the edge of the network freeing up your server
  • › Block viruses before they enter the network
  • › Stop inappropriate internet use by staff
  • › Control and report on users internet browsing
  • › Block Peer to Peer illegal file sharing
  • › Control access to Social Networking sites and Instant Messaging
  • › Prevent covert data and file transfers
  • › Stop illegal downloads of music and movies
  • › Protect network bandwidth

If your broadband seems to be running slowly, it could be that you have a machine on your network that is hogging the bandwidth for non business purposes such as peer to peer file sharing, downloading movies or music, streaming videos or radio, all of which can land you in trouble with the authorities.

The internet is a vital tool that businesses use everyday, but that does not mean that you have to allow unfettered access to everyone. Talk to us about how you can control who has access to what types of site at different times of the day. We would be happy to advise and implement a solution that suits your needs and budget giving you the stability and control that you need.

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