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Multi layered antivirus and antispyware protection is an essential element in protecting your computer network, it is no longer sufficient to install a single product on the desktop and leave it to do its work. Viruses and other malware are an increasing threat to businesses in the modern connected world. The theory behind having a multi layered protection solution is that by filtering data through multiple layers of security and multiple antivirus engines at different points on the network you are most likely to prevent costly infections on your computer network. You should protect all aspects of your network.

  • › Perimeter protection at the gateway (Email & Web)
  • › Endpoint protection (Internal & External Workstations, Laptops, PDA’s, etc.)
  • › Core protection (Servers, SANS, NAS, etc.)

As a company specialising in IT services near manchester, we can help you maintain the correct level of network security and antivirus to protect each point in your PC computer network ensuring that your network is secure without sacrificing performance. In fact by having the right protection in place you can preserve performance and bandwidth by ensuring it is not misused.

Ensure the protection of your network with Cyberoam UTM perimeter protection. Scan all traffic for malware, unwanted traffic such as peer to peer file sharing, Control and report on web use and abuse, block spam and implement bandwidth allocation to get the best out of your internet connection.


Secure your network with the best of breed ESET Smart Security

NOD32 antivirus, the latest generation of ESET's Internet security for business package.


ESET antivirus provides proactive protection against increasingly sophisticated and targeted cyber threats. Known for being fast and unobtrusive, ESET has consistently received great reviews from independent protection tests and received the highest ranking on Forbes list of best-in-class antivirus products.


Focus on your business, not your antivirus, talk to us today to discuss how we can help install the right antivirus and security products to protect your network.


Data sheets available here: Eset antivirus | Smart Security | Eset Exchange | Eset File Servers


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