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CSE-Protect - Enhanced Backup and Disaster Recovery. 

CSE-Protect represents a huge leap forward in backup and disaster recovery technology for small businesses, allowing for near constant backups and super fast recovery times without costing the earth.


If you have considered a hosted off-site backup solution but been put off by the on-going costs, or are concerned about someone having to take a tape or drive off site each night with all your sensitive data on a tape or hard drive, or if loosing a full days work would cause a major problem, then this is the solution for you.


We have called three standard levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold with each giving additional features to the previous level. We can also build a bespoke solution tailored to meet your specific needs.


Click this link to open a powerpoint show for an overview of how it could work for you.

Below is a diagram that shows a disaster recovery and off site backup solution for a three server network.

CSE Protect


The big advantages of CSE-Protect's various levels are:



  • Continuous incremental backups every 15 minutes, so you don’t lose a full days’ work

  • Automatic consolidation of the incremental backups with customisable retention policy

  • Verification and re-verification of backups

  • Notification of success and failure by email

  • Bare metal restore of system – either to similar or dissimilar hardware

  • File and Folder recovery – browse to individual files at any point of time to inspect/recover them.

  • Boot any backup as a virtual machine

  • Ability to test backup images by booting them separate from system


  • Ability to backup to network attached storage

  • Ability to replicate backup to a remote site or hosted environment

  • Mount and run a backup image as a virtual machine

  • Restore to same or dissimilar hardware or even a virtual environment


  • Head Start restore of vital systems available (back up and running in minutes)


This service will compliment your business continuity plan, provide peace of mind and in the event of a failure or disaster it could make the difference between being able to stay in business or not. So don't wait until disaster strikes and it is too late, contact us now to see how CSE-Protect can protect your business.

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